Sunday, January 20, 2013

Electric Feel

The other morning, in 30 degree weather, I had the grand idea to wake up at 7am on a Saturday and run out to my favorite place to shoot pictures. A place that I have dubbed the graffiti house. It's properly located underneath an over-pass on the aged and dangerous side of town. This little place I love is literally a burned down house. Only three walls are still standing, with no roof attatched. This secluded little nothing of a house became a canvas for some local graffiti artists, and I absolutely love their work as a back drop! Since I felt like doing something a little different, a little more edgy, I thought what better place than this! Something super casual, a little edgy, and VERY different for me, I hope you like it nonetheless!
Zara duo tone Pony heels

Merrin& Necklace, Oasap Sunnies, Made well T-shirt
Jewelry C/O Merrin&Gussy.
Latest Street Fashion

Sunshades C/O! Please do me the hugest favor and check them out since they were so kind to give me these amazing shades!


  1. aww...what a fool i am!! if only i had read your post too instead of looking at the pictures only, i wouldn't have asked you about the weather! already know what i really think of this outfit: "lovely" isn't enough and, as words aren't enough, have a look here:

  2. Your style is great and everything looks perfect on You!

  3. What a nice backdrop for your looks . You look stunning .


  4. everything about your look just makes me smile ^ ^