Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Time Give-away!

Hey everyone!! I have a great give-away for you all since you are so very wonderful! For the holidays, I just thought I'd share this rocking give-away from my favorite jewelry store! All you have to do is go here like their facebook page, and share this image on facebook!!

I Just want to walk you home

I know there has been a major lack of posts by me recently, sad really. I've just been so busy and haven't quite had the energy to get out and shoot photographs. However, yesterday I determined that I would get at least one good shot for lookbook.nu and for my blog! And, I think I did! Hopefully you will agree.
                                                  American Apparel corduroy skirt: similar here
                                                 Free People Polka Dotted tights: Here
                                                 Romwe Pleather Jacket : Here
                                                 BCBG black suede pumps : Similar here
                                                 Vintage Chanel Scarf
                                                 Madewell Basic Vneck T: Here
                                                 Leather Gloves: Here
                                                 Merrin&Gussy Westwood Bracelets: Here

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blogger programs

   Over the past year I have been blessed to work with some awesome international companies who are gracious enough open their stores up to fashion bloggers. There are masses of stores out there that offer fashion blogger programs, but finding ones that carry stylish clothing that is quite well made, is not easy. Around this time last year, I began working with a company called Oasap.com. Clearly you've heard about it at this point, as it is now one of the TOP fashion blogger stores. It's easy to see why. They carry a huge range of products, all of which, I have found, to be well made. :)
   I was scanning through their stock this morning and I have to say I was really impressed--again. I noticed that Oasap has taken a turn for high fashion, and it's all pretty cool! Anyway, getting to my point, as I was browsing the cool new stuff, I stumbled upon this awesome weekly give-away they are doing, and I had to (enter myself) and share!
It's quite a treat for all fashion lovers male or female (since there are a lot of unisex products on Oasap these days :D  ). So, here's the deal all you have to do is go here giveaway and follow the simple instructions. Just make yourself a little pin board, or blog a little about some of the pieces you like from their give-away options.
I chose to blog about it because I find that more fun when it comes to explaining why I like a piece and how I'd style it.
So here we go! Just a few pieces that inspired me to style! (All products shown are from Oasap.com unless otherwise listed. I like to show that you can build an outfit all in one place)

(1) sweater link
Source: oasap.com via MaryAlice on Pinterest

Source: oasap.com via MaryAlice on Pinterest
(2) Skirt 
Source: oasap.com via MaryAlice on Pinterest
(3)Bag link

Add these boots and viola! You are done!
Source: oasap.com via MaryAlice on Pinterest
(4) boots link

I hope you enjoyed my little styling session today! Be sure to enter for yourself!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

An Ever-So Busy December

December, December, the most bustling month of the year! Over the past few weeks I have been going no stop to fashion events, and have sadly been so very distant from my blog. So, I thought it was about time that I dropped by to share a few images from some of the awesome runway shows I've attended lately! (Photography supplied by my good friend and talented photographer Joseph Brewster) These photos are from one of the most amazing and opulent shows I have ever attended. I was just blown away by the craftsmanship and glamor of every piece! All created by Dallas designer Prashi Shah of Prashe Showrooms! With every event I am more and more surprised and so amazed by the talented designers all around me! I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do!

Last but most definitely not least, an Image of me from the runway show, by another dear friend and skilled photographer Thomas Garza! Be sure to check out his page and like him on facebook!

That's all folks! Hope you are all having a wonderful December!

Merrin and Gussy!

I don't know yet if I have announced (on here) that I have started writing for the Merrin&Gussy blog!!! I can't believe I haven't made note of that yet on here on the Field of Foxes blog, but you definitely need to stop by, shop, and check out the blog on Merrin&Gussy.com!!
In case you don't know yet, Merrin&Gussy is a blooming online jewelry company created by menswear fashion icon Benjamin Galbraith.
I'm one of the pickiest people when it comes to jewelry and quality of jewelry, but I have to say I have been very impressed with every single piece I've seen from the Merrin&Gussy store. Everything is very high quality, and there are so many styles, it's hard to not find something that you love! Being the headquarters for stylish men's and women's jewelry there are updates in stock weekly, and sometimes daily, I be pretty sure you will find exactly what you are looking for in this store! (also, a great place to shop for any special person for Christmas!) So, you kind of need to check it out now! http://www.merrinandgussy.com/
Go Go go!