Sunday, February 10, 2013

Darling, you send me..

This look might be a little silly and not my most styled yet, but since I'm not the most exuberant about valentines day, this was my little attempt. :P
This dress is probably the only pink item of clothing I own...besides one blouse. So, this was definitely out of the box for me -- all pink -- thankfully I had a few touches of black in there to keep me grounded.
During the course of shooting this outfit, I learned that balloons and an east Texas winter just don't get along well. This is probably going to be the first and last time I will shoot a look with balloons. ;)

I do hope you enjoy this look and of course your valentines day! Stay tuned for a sale straight from MY closet and a fantastic give-away!!
                                                     Merrin&Gussy ring, bracelet, and collar



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  2. Lovely shot~