Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring cleaning

Hello everyone!!
I just wanted to announce that I am selling some of my most favorite articles of clothing on this great website called! It's an awesome place where you can sell anything and everything that you might have hanging out in your closet. The best part -- no money is involved! It's all trading. For example, you 'sell' a dress on and, you now have online credit to buy anything on the site! What better place to start spring cleaning? Instead of giving your unworn high-quality clothing away or selling it to consignment shops that give you little to nothing for your fantastic item, here your items will be well loved and you will receive enough points to buy something new too! So join the site and find something you like!
It's a first come first serve atmosphere, so get shopping! Here are just a few of the items I have listed right now! Have anything in mind that I own that you are just dying to buy? Let me know what it is and you just might get your wish!

Best wishes, ~Mary

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