Sunday, September 1, 2013

Leopard Loving

  It's been such a long while since I have posted, so it's given me time to think about what my next post would be. My posts are a little more scarce these days, so I want to make sure that each one is meaningful and helpful to everyone who stops by and takes their time to read. So over the past few weeks, I have been wracking my brain for styling topics that I have to tackle most often. Since most people aren't lavishing themselves with new clothes, bags, belts, and baubles day after day, I thought why not talk about how many ways you can make an outfit from one single item in your closet... and maybe even make that not-so-versatile-looking-item a wardrobe staple!

  A few days ago I wore a leopard skirt to work, and a customer told me how cute the skirt was, but how impractical it would be because I could only wear it "just that one way" since the print was "just to bold". I was really struck when she said that to me because I would never have seen this piece as being limiting at all (quite the opposite actually). It surprised me to realize that a lot of people see printed pieces as a restraint on versatility. And !boom! the idea popped that I should do a short and sweet pictorial post with three ways to style a leopard skirt: one for weekend, one for day, and one for evening! It's amazing how easily you can completely transform an outfit with one or two adjustments!

P.s. All photos were taken by my good friend Thomas Garza who was just awarded #8 in the list of top ten photographers in Dallas!
weekend wear
                                                              Denim top: unknown (similar here)
                                                              Boots: Steve Madden (old)
                                                              Hat: Forever21
                                                              Leopard skirt: ALIexpress

daytime wear
daytime wear
                                                                      Top: H&M
                                                                      Belt: Temperly London
                                                                      Wedges: cupid
for eveing
for evening
                                                               Lucite Heels: Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal
                                                               Camisole: Asos 
                                                               Belt: target
Thanks for reading! Hopefully I'll have another post soon!! In the mean time, keep up with me on Styled By Mary! 


  1. Wow, I can see why your friend was awarded 8# in the list of top ten photographers in Dallas: Those photos are incredible!
    Also, I love the three ways you paired that skirt! It's amazing the different type of outfits a single skirt can allow.

    Joana - Who the Fuck is Chanel

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