Sunday, August 26, 2012

Diamonds they fade And flowers they bloom

Photos from my newest look on
Big thanks to my dad--the photographer--for these photos!

My dad and I discovered these two lovely locations on one of our many photography adventures. These two spots are my favorite photo op areas! The first three are from an abandoned ice factory that has so many grand wall colors and fun foliage. The second set are taken out at the old train depot here in town. I feel like both locations have so much local character. I  really enjoy going out and seeing what new and inspiring places I can find around the city that have good personality for photos.



  1. beautiful look! nice legs!

  2. nice look and i love your photos)

  3. Hi MaryAlice,

    Love your styles ! This is Kimmy from Ellelook. I cant find your email anywhere. I'd like to send you an invitation to Collaborations.
    If you are interested, please reply me at

    Hope to hear from you soon !


  4. love the studded collar!