Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just a Girl With a Blog

To those of you who have been my WONDERFUL followers on Tumblr, this post is no new news to you, but to you new comers I say, "Welcome!", and "I'm so grateful to have you visit my new blog!!"

Since this is my first post--on my new blog that is!--, I suppose I should explain a little of what Field Of Foxes is all about, why it has such a strange name, and of course, some information on who I am. The title Field of Foxes has a meaning very dear to my heart. When I was a little girl, I had a reoccurring dream of running through a field of lush, green grass with a group of foxes. To me, that dream has always been the epitome of freedom and inspiration. Since I have really loved this title for my Tumblr, I thought I might as well transition it to my new blog. 
As for my background, I am an artist,  and,  most of all, a fashion stylist. I first started taking a profound interest in the fashion side of the arts when I was twelve, and since then, that interest has exploded into a lifestyle. I have spent countless hours immersed in drawing, painting and sculpting the human figure and portrait to gain a fuller understanding of how to flatter the human form. Almost every ounce of my free time is spent online or in bookstores researching current fashion and fashion history. Over the past year I thought I would try my hand at styling in the world wide web. First off I built up the courage to join LookBook.Nu, and things exploded from there. Everyone was so warm and welcoming and have encouraged me all along the road to here! 
Anyway, Each of my posts will, more than likely, include pictures of my styling that I have taken and pictures that others have taken that inspire me deeply. I hope you enjoy.<3 

Here are a few of my sites you are welcome to visit if you have the time and interest!

Feel free to contact me at any time either through blogger, or at my personal e-mail account


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