Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dr Pepper. More Than Just A Soda.

Dr Pepper might not be the most widely known soda, but amongst my family and family friends, it's the only soda for us. My mom was the first to discover Dr Pepper when she was a teen. When she married my dad she also introduced him to Dr Pepper. That is how the Dr Pepper tradition was born. With the dawn of each child the Dr Pepper trend was spread on to more and more people around town. We even had a dog that would steal your Dr Pepper if it was left in a glass. So, I would say we, as a family, are a great example of the slogan, "I'm a Pepper."
Since Dr pepper is such a big deal in my family, it's no shock that I have some Dr Pepper memorabilia which lead me to my most recent photoshoot for Lookbook.nu.

Thanks Mrs. Katy Smith!

Join the Dr pepper Tradition!

Best Wishes!
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