Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Italian Fashion Week Part 2

Last time, I told you about the AMAZING Stella Jean show that I sadly missed the majority of. But, this time I will tell you about the creatively chic C.M.J. leather show that I was able to attend!!! I'm a big fan of leather if it is done properly, so this particular show was a treat for me. The fit and tailoring on the leather works is just mind blowing. I had no idea that leather could be made to fit like a glove, especially in trousers or skinny pants.

I hope you are just as spell bound by the C.M.J. show as I was!

Again, huge thanks to Joseph Brewster and his wife Bethany for the wonderful photographs!!!

What I wore:                                         Dress: ChiChi Canvas peplum dress
                                                              Necklace: Merrin&Gussy The Temperate season 
                                                              Purse: BeBe
                                                              Shoes: (not visible) BCBG

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