Saturday, October 6, 2012

Runway Outfit Inspiration Board.

So, I have an exciting couture runway event that I will be attending next Thursday the 11th evening.
With this thought in mind, I went out today looking for a steal on a classy looking dress. I hit the jackpot. I found a stunning Grecian style, broom pleated, antique gold and cream, Gianni Bini gown for only $38 instead of $160!!! Only problems, I rarely wear gold, and almost never wear maxi gowns--considering I'm only 5'1" I tend to look a little silly in an extra long dress.
Thankfully, I am up for the challenge, and I am always wanting to try something new and out of my comfort-zone in the way of fashion and art. I'm quite exited to start on the styling. However, since I waited a bit late in the game to find a dress for the event, I probably can't get every item I'd dream of having with this dress. But if I could, this is what the combo would look like!

runway outfit

1: Gianni Bini pleated maxi shimmer dress
2: Merrin&Gussy Charleston earrings
3Vince Camuto snake skin bag
4: Merrin&gussy Westwood bracelet
5: Miss Dior 
6: Vince Camuto silver plated t-strap heels.

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