Sunday, April 7, 2013

All that Jazz

  I recently had the chance to spend the morning shooting photos with a good friend of mine, Thomas Garza -- who happens to be a fantastic photographer! We decided to head over to the Bishop Arts District in Dallas (one of my favorite areas for a happy atmosphere) and take some typical "Mary" pictures. Which pretty much means me being silly, and laughing, and cracking jokes; so these are a bit more light-hearted than most of my posts because this was all about having fun!
  For this look I chose one of my absolute favorite outfits to hang out in. It's also one that is really great for working because it's easy to move in and looks just stylish enough. I also chose one of my favorite murals in the Bishop Arts area -- and there are a lot of murals -- but this one is very much 'me'. I love music, and I always title my lookbook posts from songs that are on my mind.

  I hope you enjoy! This look was so fun and so exciting to shoot. :)
                                                                   Hat: Forever21
                                                                   Collar Tips: Merrin&Gussy
                                                                   Bracelet: Merrin&Gussy
                                                                   Belt: Express
                                                                   Suede Shorts: Forever21
                                                                   Heels: Banana Republic
Thomas Garza Photography

Thomas Garza photography

Thomas Garza Photography

Thomas Garza Photography

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