Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's Magic

  A few weekends ago, my friend Thomas and I decided we'd have an extra fun shoot. For a while we'd been discussing creating an overlapped triptych for lookbook, so we finally decided to have a shoot for one! It was really fun experimenting with what shapes of poses would look good in this sort of image, so it was definitely a challenge that kept you thinking the whole time -- which I really enjoyed. Also with this sort of picture, it's easy to get too cluttered if the outfit is over-styled. I went for a simple black and white dress I had recently purchased off of ebay. Since the dress had a pretty boat neck collar in the front and a peter pan collar in the back, it really styled itself. I wanted this look to have a classic clean look with a touch of modern in the mint colored bracelet -- Merrin&Gussy of course. :)
  As for the fantastic editing, and how great the pictures look...That's all Thomas's mastery. When I got the chance to look over the images we took that day, I was dumbfounded by how dynamic every shot was! Needless to say, it was so hard to choose just three images to make into a triptych. Thus, Thomas ended up having to create three triptychs for me to decide from. haha
   With no further adieu, here are the images we ended with! I couldn't be happier with how clean each image came out! Be sure to check out Thomas's Website HERE and like his facebook page for more updates HERE!

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