Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fashion Cited - Part 2: The Show Begins

     At 6:30 the doors opened wide, and the crowd began to file in. Soon the nearly empty museum was filled with the sound of lighthearted conversation, cheerful laughter, greeting of friends, and camera flashes. The arrival of guests always signals the backstage rush. Thus, pre-show prep kicked into high gear. I have no words to explain the organized craziness backstage before a runway show. I have great appreciation for the designers, directors, stylists, and models who make it happen through the seeming madness behind the scenes.
   Once the backstage rush commences, it's not usual to see a designer mingling with guests. However, I happened to spot one designer in the crowd that I recognized, and I took that as an opportunity to do a mini "before-show" interview. The designer, Anthony Muelle of Hueso Outlaw, was one I had seen show in several events but had never been acquainted with, so I was excited for the opportunity.
   Deeply inspired by the 1980's film Urban Cowboy, Anthony's designs have a rockabilly feel with a touch of old-world style. Targeting a biker and hot-rodder crowd, Hueso Outlaw is far more than typical "westernwear"; each piece is made to defy trends, span generations, and spark a sense of nostalgia in the wearer.
 "Defiantly raising the bar on style and individuality" is the heart of Hueso Outlaw. Designed and crafted as tough as its target crowd, each piece in this collection is built to last. He also makes sure that everything is natural, cotton wovens, leather, and re-purposed materials. "You won't find any polyester here!"
   The loud speaker call to "take your seats" ended our short interview. Even after just having a short chance to speak with Anthony, it was easy to understand that his designs are definitely the kind that will make easy transition from this day and age to the next! 
  Soon after the announcement to take seats, the lights dimmed, the crowd hushed, and the emcee Tim Vasquez stepped on the runway to give a small presentation and a bio of the event.
After a short explanation about Fashion Cited and The Legal Hospice Of Texas, and credit had been given to the staff and production team, the lights dimmed and the show began!

Collection #1 Haggar Clothing 
Haggar Clothing

 I chose this outfit as my favorite from the collection that Haggar sent down the runway because I am a fan of their usage of creams and whites in tandem. Its uncommon to see much styling in menswear that combines both white and cream cohesively in one outfit, and I thought that was a smooth modern statement. I'm also fairly partial to the sleek&shine texture of all the materials combined here.

                                                                                                   Collection #2 Yomono
Yomono vegan designs
   For this collection I decided to show two pieces because it offers a better idea of designer Charlotte Elliott's MO. I am always amazed by not only her skill in construction but also how smoothly her designs transition from a 1960's "menswear-as-womenswear" into a very modern feminine silhouette. I think both of these pieces are beautifully constructed and ready to wear! 

                                                                                           Collection #3 Jonathan Aparicio
   This was one of my favorite pieces by Jonathan Aparicio designs. I found the old-Hollywood silhouette to be perfect for such a glamorous material choice. I think this design displays skill in both draping and tailoring.

  Thank you so much for reading and joining me as I cover this wonderful show! Part three is coming soon and will contain the rest of my favorite designer pieces!
To view Thomas Garza's photographs from the entire show click here


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