Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dallas FGI Career day

On April 12th I had the chance to assist Studio Rocket Science at one of the most notable events in Dallas, FGI Dallas career day!
  Before I go into details of what the event was, I'll explain a bit about what FGI is. Fashion Group International is a global nonprofit organization with over 5000 members in all areas of the fashion industry. FGI's mission is to be the top authority in the business of fashion and design; forecasting and providing insight into trends in person, online, and in print. So, it's a pretty big deal.
   At FGI's Dallas Career day of 2013 designers from all around the country had a chance at winning a major scholarship! This year, $37,500 in scholarships were awarded to top designers. And one special designer will be sent abroad to a design school in Europe with paid tuition! Amazing, right? Well, that's not even all.
  Along with all of the amazing awards, there were guest speakers, classes, and a runway show all in one place! Sadly, since I was working I wasn't able to sit in on as many of the speakers and classes as I would have liked. There were some really amazing and influential people speaking and teaching at this event. The speakers and teachers I was able to hear were Stephanie George, Lisa Petty, Rhonda Sargent Chambers, and Levi Palmer.
   For Levi Palmer, I only walked in for the last half. Before I had a chance to see Levi and recognize him from his brand, I saw the sign that said "Palmer//Harding" and immediately was so excited that this was a guest. I have been following Palmer//Harding since they showed in London fashion week and have been hugely inspired by their great work and the fact that Levi came out of a community college in Dallas and moved on to do great things.
   Sadly, again, I missed the majority of the students runway show since I was working, but the parts that I was able to see were stunning! These budding designers sent some of the most elaborate garments down the runway! Pieces like I've not often seen on the runway. The innovation and passion of these students was clearly displayed in their garments. Hopefully, I will soon be able to share some pictures from the show itself, but for now, all I have are a few cell phone pictures of what I saw while I was working. ;)
My view from the second Floor working the strobes

Levi Palmer and Me
Night before the show at my work station.

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  1. Great post Mary, heres the link to pics, FGI Career day 2013 Photos over 1500 photos, 7 hours shooting time, 3 photographers, 2 assistants & 12 hours of processing time.